Tunnel Collapsed In Himachal Pradesh, Both Workers Finally Rescued After 9 Days


Bilaspur, September 21: After nine days of intense rescue work, NDRF officials finally managed to rescue two workers trapped inside an under -construction tunnel in Bilaspur, Himachal Pradesh.

Mani Ram and Satish Tomar have been rescued. However, there is still no word on Hriday Ram, whose condition is yet to be ascertained. 

Mani Ram and Tomar are both in good health and have now been taken to a temporary medical camp. On being rescued, they both thanked the NDRF officials at the site. 

This was the second attempt by NDRF workers Monday, after the first, earlier this morning, failed. There is, however, still no information about the third worker who was caught in the collapse.

 A two-foot tall concrete slab, which has now been partly destroyed using a boring machine, prevented rescuers from reaching out to the two trapped workers. The workers will now be lifted through the 40-metre tunnel using belts and ropes.

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