105 Years Old 'Golden Bolt',Sets New 100-metre World Record

Kyoto, Japan: Sept 24; A 105-year-old Japanese man was recognized as the world’s oldest competitive sprinter on Wednesday after completing a 100-meter race in Kyoto in 42.22 seconds.

Hidekichi Miyazaki, born on Sept. 22, 1910, turned 105 the day before the race. He said he was disappointed with his time and had been aiming to finish in about 35 seconds, according to Guinness World Records. "I can't quit now after today's horrible record," he told reporters.

"It's all about willpower," Miyazaki said of his need for speed. "You have to keep going."

"I can’t think about retiring," said Miyazaki, whose next competition is next month’s Japanese Masters Championships. "I have to continue for a few more years, to show my gratitude to my fans."

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