Medha Patkar detained during farmer's protest in Allahabad


Allahabad:Sept 26;  Famous social worker and well known activist Medha Patkar was detained by Uttar Pradesh police on Saturday for supporting the farmer's protest in Allahabad. 

According to reports, the farmers were staging protest after their lands were taken from them for a proposed power project in Karchana Village where Patkar was about to meet them.

Patkar was detained at a guest house even before she could reach the village.

A total of 512.592 hectares of land, belonging to 1,942 farmers of the villages of Bhitar Kachra, Kachari, Devarikalan, Gadwakalan, Mendra, Dholipur and Dehli Bhagesar of Karchana Tehsil were marked by the authorities. Most of the farmers have taken compensation in lieu of the lands while other landholders have refused to accept the compensation.

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