Create Healthy Heart Environment


Geneva:Sept 29; Every year on 29th of September, World Heart Day is celebrated throughout the world. It is an annual international campaign initiated to spread awareness among the people about heart related diseases and how to prevent from it.

Tuesday is World Heart Day, and this year's theme is creating healthy heart environments.

Each year 17.3 million people die of cardiovascular disease, 80% in the developing world. The World Heart Federation exists to prevent and control these diseases through awareness campaigns and action, promoting the exchange of information, ideas and science among those involved in cardiovascular care, advocating for disease prevention and control by promoting healthy diets, physical activity and tobacco free living at an individual, community and policy maker level.

Exercise, a balanced diet, enough sleep and a healthy lifestyle are some of the recommendations given by medical professionals for a disease-free life. Regular medical checkups, self-assistance in the case of emergency, first aid for others and such information are the extended support given by health institutions.

A healthy heart also means emotional and mental balance in addition to the physical aspect. Too much stress and emotions including anger, envy and greed, are also evils to the heart that affect its function. One can become involved in yoga and meditation, which are common in today's world. So it's all about keeping oneself fit both inside and out. 

Many initiatives are taken by associations and health organizations to let people know about World Heart Day to mark it as yet another beginning of a healthy lifestyle. Runs, walkathons, free medical or cardio checkups, free consultations, doctor's talks are some of the initiatives taken as a part of World Heart Day. 

Taking care of one's health is ultimately not only a responsibility to one self but also to society, one's country and to the world.

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