Facebook Unveils "Dislike" Button


Bhubaneswar, October 9: The demand for a "Dislike" button since so long, has been finally fulfilled by the social giant, Facebook.

Last month only, Mark Zuckerberg had indicated towards their plans to expand the "Like" button, giving way to people to express their dislike as well, for a post.  

Zuckerberg had also mentioned that the "dislike" button won't be integrated in a direct manner, but in a subtle way, so that the button is not used for bullying and it doesn't make the users feel bad.

After a long exploration of ways for people to communicate their dislike about or something or they being upset abouth something, Facebook has come up with a list of different emojis, which are going to help one in expressing their disapproval for something.   Instead of replicating the "like" button exactly, Facebook has introduced a series of "expressive" reactions, representing different emotions such as Love, Haha, Yay, Wow, Sad and Angry.

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