Chhota Rajan's relegation delayed due to airport closure


New delhi,November 4: The deportation of underworld don Chhota Rajan from Indonesia to India has been further delayed, which was to take place on today, has been further delayed after spewing volanic ash from Mount Rinjan forced the shut down of Bali International Airport. The 55-year-old gangster is likely to be flown to India in a special aircraft on Thursday.

Rajan's deportation by the Indonesian authorities was delayed as a result of the spewing of volcanic ash from the mountain or nearby Lombok Island, Police Major Pande Sugiarta said.

Rajan was arrested in Bali last week following a tip off by Australian authorities to Indonesia police. After the arrest of Chhota Rajan in Bali, the Indian government is leaving no stone unturned to get custody of the gangster. A team arrived in Indonesia on Sunday to complete all formalities for taking custody of Rajan and flying him to India.

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