Fifth phase of Bihar polls : 7.67% polling recorded till 10 am


Bihar,November 5:Polling has begun in the final phase of the Bihar state Assembly elections on Thursday.

A total of 57 seats are up for grabs in the Seemanchal, Kosi and Mithilanchal regions that includes districts like Katihar, Kishanganj, Supaul, Darbhanga and Madhubani.

The final phase polling is considered critical for the Grand Alliance as its core voter base of Yadavs and Muslims reside in these regions. The BJP-led alliance would also be looking to win enough seats here in order to edge out its opposition in what has become a closely contested election.

17.67% polling recorded till 10 am.Enthusiastic participation from voters in Katihar.

Polling seem to be brisk in this round. 11.23% voting recorded till 9 am. 

5.58% voting has been recorded till 8 am.Caste pervades Bihar all around and when it comes to elections, there is just no getting away from it. 

At a time when development and progress defines electoral campaigns across the country, Bihar may just stand out. Here is a great story by Muzamil Jaleel on the condition of a Brahmin slum in Chhatapur where poverty has taken everything from them, except their attitude.

A landmark madrasa in Darbhanga thanks Nitish Kumar for his educational reforms. 

Will the Asaduddin Owaisi and Pappu Yadav factors make an impact in this round? And here's a sign of the women power in these elections. A shot from Darbhanga.

A technical snag had reportedly stalled voting at a couple of booths in Purnia. But now, apparently the snag has been from a polling booth in Supaul. 

A scene outside a polling station in Darbhanga. A massive 1.55 crore people are eligible to vote in this phase to elect 857 candidates. 

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