'Rajkahini' : Srijit Mukherji's up coming film


New delhi,November 9: Some may say, feminists are robust opinion-leaders who are desperate to prove that women are superior to men. But there are also some silent warriors who talk about women empowerment with such subtle precision, that you keep wondering what was so intriguing that left you restless all through the night.

Srijit Mukherjee's 'Rajkahini' is a story of Bengal partition. The violence. The hypocrisy. The doubts. The crime. The helplessness. The hopelessness. The loneliness. The insecurity.

'Rajkahini' is also the story of strength of character of a group of sex-workers! And there lies the biggest thrust.

The film is a story of internal politics, where head of the brothel Begumjaan sometimes takes extreme steps. She seems unfair, brutal, fearsome, and merciless. But she has to survive with those she has sheltered. Hence she keeps herself steady when a smaller sacrifice helps her achieve greater safety. In such cases, an emotional breakdown would obviously turn futile. Hence, she doesn’t blink. She also doesn’t blink when her trusted guard is burning and crying for mercy; instead of lamenting over her last straw of defence passing away in front of her eyes, she shoots and relieves him of the pain.

The concept philosophically reminds me of mythological characters like Draupadi, who had five husbands, or Kunti, whose children were not born from her husband. Yet, they are called Sati, the pure one. The epics have innumerable such metaphors which explain the perishability of temporary body and permanence of soul; they advise people to detach from the materialistic body and explore the supreme soul because that’s the path of liberation.

'Rajkahini' remains for me, one of the most beautiful films of our times, that is brave enough to deal with the body and mind separately!

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