Nasa award for state team


Bhubaneswar,November 9: A puncture-proof tyre technology invented by scholars from the state has been awarded in the Create the Future Design Contest- 2015 conducted by Nasa Tech Brief in New York on Friday. Nasa Tech Brief is an event jointly organized by Nasa and Society of Automobile Engineers, International.

The burst prevention and puncture curative (BPPC) technology invented by Sameer Panda, an alumnus of Veer Surendra Sai University of Technology (VSSUT), Udit Bondia, K N Panda and Smitiparna Satpathy earned the award to TycheeJuno, the team's firm working on disruptive and breakthrough innovation in technology related to automotive and headquartered in Pennsylvania.

It was among eight teams globally to have got awards in the event.

"There had been technologies for limiting the impacts of punctures. However, there was no solution to decrease the chances of burst due to tyre over heating in localized area except perhaps our BPPC," Panda said. 

TycheeJuno technology not only decreases the possibilities of bursts but also takes care of punctures. It also takes care of dynamic wheel balancing, increasing fuel efficiency and life.

The team has developed multi-chambered tube and multi-chambered tubeless tyre filled with a liquid layer of sealants, rubber particles, which prevent leakage of air in case of puncture.

As a student in University College of Engineering (UCE), Burla (now VSSUT) in 1998, Panda had first conceptualized the technology which occurred to his mind from his own experience of dragging down his scooter to the college several times due to punctures. It took him seven years to make the first prototype for his scooter.

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