Mother appeals for releasing of her bonded sons in Mumbai


Sundargarh,November 10: In Sundargarh Odisha,a tribal woman Gloria Minz's appeals for release her three minor sons back home, they have been allegedly  sold off by a middleman to a Mumbai hotel.

Her husband working as a mason and her three sons studying in school is now in tatters after a middleman lured her husband to go to Mumbai. 

The poor illiterate Minz was left helpless and alone in Odisha  by her husband who influenced by the middleman took their three sons to Mumbai too.

According to sources, worried Gloria arranged for the phone number of her husband and was informed that the middleman has sold off her three sons to a hotel in Mumbai. They are kept as bonded labourers and are forced to wash dishes there.

She had recently called her husband to enquire about her children, when he informed her that the dalal has sold them off to a hotel where they are kept as bonded labourers. They will only be released after the money is paid to the restaurant owner.

She has filed a police complaint in Sundargarh police station on October 19th about her missing sons.

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