Kohli's take: Respect for AB, pride for blind cricketers


Bengaluru, November 13: Virat Kohli normally gives elaborate answer to most questions and does not believe in shying away from giving proper replies.

Ditto on 'Friday the 13th', the skipper was at his effusive best when he was asked about his RCB colleague AB de Villiers, playing the 100th Test of his career.

"I want to congratulate him on playing his 100th Test. As an individual, I know him well. He's a very genuine and good person. As an opponent he plays hard cricket. As a batsman, he's among the top 4-5 batsmen in the world. I cannot say much more than that. His game and the kind of person he is are there for all to see. For me, he's a very good cricketer and a very good person," said Kohli, whose's respect and fondness for his RCB colleague was evident in his voice.

"It was a very satisfying moment for me yesterday and for the other guys who joined in as well knowing that our Indian team, which obviously has won the World Cup as well, and they were very excited to see us. They get inspired from us, and that only makes us want to work harder and keep inspiring them to do what we are doing for the country. It indeed was a very, very special Diwali."

But as soon as someone wanted to know his take about the happenings at the Delhi and District Cricket Association (DDCA), the smile turned into a smirk and the reply was a terse one.

I am not the one submitting documents or clarifying things, so it is not my concern. Cricket can be played anywhere, he said

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