Dudhwa National Park opens for tourists from tomorrow


Lakhimpur Kheri,November 14: The famous Dudhwa National Park situated on Indo-Nepal border, will open its doors for nature enthusiasts, with the tourist season beginning tomorrow.

"The park administration has completed its preparations for the fresh tourist season," P P Singh, deputy field director, Dudhwa Tiger Reserve said.

"Tourists and visitors intending to visit Dudhwa should log on to www.upecotourism.in and ensure their bookings" Singh said.

The official noted that Uttar Pradesh forest corporation has been assigned to look after the booking of huts and rest houses and other tourism arrangements.

He said that the tourists would not be allowed to visit the park on their personal vehicles.

Singh said the Suheli nature interpretation center would give a deep insight into Dudhwa life while the tourists would be able to purchase handicrafts and spices prepared by local Tharus as souvenir.

Meanwhile, Iqbal Singh, Managing Director of UP Forest Corporation, is scheduled to visit Dudhwa today to monitor the preparations and review the tourist amenities at the park.

Attracting tourists from across India and abroad, DTR has four forest rest houses in Dudhwa, Sathiana, Bankati and Kishanpur.

The visiting tourists may also seek accommodation in Pallia township which is just 10 km away from Dudhwa.

The national park is famous for its rich flora and fauna.

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