Sakshi Maharaj slams Azam Khan


New delhi,November 17: He has done it again. BJP MP Sakshi Maharaj slammed senior Samajwadi leader Azam Khan for his comments on Paris attacks and said that the SP leader "makes the Al-Qaeda hit list.' Azam Khan on Saturday had put the onus for deadly Paris attacks on US-led attacks on Syria.

Maharaj said, "Azam Kha a terror supporter."

Last month, after the Dadri lynching, Maharaj compared the killing of cows to terrorist attacks on the country. 

The BJP MP, who has repeatedly courted controversy with his hardline Hindutva stance, added that be it the issue of Tipu Sultan or Paris attacks, Azam talks as if he backs terrorists.

The BJP MP added that India, compared to other nations, was the most tolerant. After all, we even "feed our snakes." That's what he said.

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