US working with South Asian countries on ISIS threat Advertisement


Washington, November 18: The US is working with South Asian countries including India and Pakistan to address the challenges of growing threat from the dreaded Islamic State militant group, an American official said.

"We have strong, active security partnerships with governments across the South and Central Asia region, and are coordinating closely to counter the violent ideology of groups like Daesh and to fight terrorism in all its forms." 

"We continue to watch for any signs of activity linked to Daesh in Afghanistan and Pakistan, and are actively engaged in supporting efforts by both governments to deny terrorist organisations such as Daesh or their affiliates safe haven and material support," the official said.

Responding to a question, the spokesman said the US has seen in Bangladesh the claims of responsibility for recent attacks by individuals that associate themselves with Daesh's (ISIS) violent ideology. 

"We are working with the government of Bangladesh to assess who is responsible for the different attacks, and to bring those responsible by any name to justice," the State Department spokesman said.

The Indian Home Ministry on Monday had asked all state governments to review their security in the wake of the terror attacks in Paris on Friday that left 129 people killed.

The Home Ministry in its advisory said, "Available inputs about ISIS activities should be immediately reviewed to identify plans, targets areas vulnerable to attack by ISIS and appropriate action is taken to neutralise potential threat if any.

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