British man visits AICC HQ to relive past memories

New Delhi: British Philanthropist and adventurer Alan Braithwaite on Saturday visited the All India Congress Committee (AICC) all the way from the United Kingdom as his grandfather had lived in the same building — 24, Akbar Road here - from 1938 to 1943. 

"The opportunity to come, visit and see the house is just wonderful. We are so grateful to be allowed inside," Braithwaite told ANI. His grandfather Sir Reginald Maxwell — was the Chief Minister of Delhi during the time of the Second World War. 

He, however, did not meet any Congress party leaders during his visit. "We havent met any leaders. We were just here to see the house because of the sentimental memories." 

While he was born and raised in London, he said that his grandparents used to talk about their time in India. He and his wife are travelling on a three-wheeler car around India in order to spread the message of the 'Goonj' as a part of the Trans-India Challenge where he and his wife would travel around India in 21 days in a 3-wheeler Morgan 3-Wheeler 3,500 miles to raise funds for the NGO working on economic initiatives. 

"It's a challenge for me and my wife. We both love India. We are doing this to support the NGO that particularly works with rural communities on social and economical reconstruction and that is something that is very close to our hearts," he added. 

Speaking about the vehicle used by them, he said: "We had the car slightly modified for India so that we were able to cope with the speed bumps. We have brought it here. We are having so much fun doing it."

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